DataRobot debuts fully managed AI Cloud platform for building machine learning models

DataRobot debuts fully managed AI Cloud platform for building machine learning models

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Artificial intelligence startup DataRobot Inc. today announced a fully managed version of its AI Cloud platform that helps enterprises create machine learning software and applications quickly and without coding skills.

DataRobot’s AI Cloud made its debut one year ago. At the time, the company said it can function as the central hub for customer’s AI initiatives, providing all of the features necessary to handle the key coding and software deployment tasks involved in building machine learning applications.

With AI Cloud, DataRobot massively simplifies the process of creating machine learning applications. The platform uses its own AI algorithms to help users build custom machine learning models without writing any code.

Instead, AI Cloud looks at the data the user wants to process, finds the most suitable neural network for that task, then automatically fine-tunes it to boost performance. Everything is performed using a simple drag-and-drop interface, meaning that even users with no coding skills can create ML models. Users simply upload the data files they want to process, highlight elements of interest and then DataRobot uses an algorithm to match the data to any application to provide analytical capabilities.

The new version of this platform, DataRobot Dedicated Managed AI Cloud, further streamlines companies’ AI operations, since it eliminates all of the headaches around deployment and maintenance.

Customers can now deploy a dedicated, managed instance of DataRobot’s AI cloud that provides full functions for their AI initiatives. They can save significant time and resources by eliminating the need to setup the platform correctly and manage it on a daily basis.

All they need to do is specify their security, isolation and data residency requirements, and they’re good to go. Each deployment of Dedicated Managed AI Cloud is hosted in a dedicated and separate virtual private cloud, operated, monitored and maintained by DataRobot experts.

DataRobot Senior Vice President of Product Venky Veeraraghavan said Dedicated Managed AI Cloud provides two distinct advantages for customers. “Customers can focus on driving business results with DataRobot managing the operational elements, while still maintaining their specific security requirements and taking advantage of the cloud’s evergreen deployment and new features,” he said.

These are important benefits, DataRobot says, as many enterprises’ AI initiatives have become more complex, stretching across multiple business units and teams. It cites a recent study by the analyst firm Omdia that shows how more than 25% of companies using AI are now scaling these projects across their organizations.

“This represents a dramatic rise from earlier research favoring departmental deployments,” said Omdia analyst Bradley Shimmin. “It also foreshadows a substantial uptick in management costs, maintenance complexities and exposure to risk for companies electing to continue managing their own infrastructure.”

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