SoftIron debuts new HyperCloud private cloud platform

SoftIron debuts new HyperCloud private cloud platform

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SoftIron Ltd. today debuted HyperCloud, a hardware and software platform that companies can use to build on-premises private cloud environments.

SoftIron is a venture-backed supplier of data center infrastructure headquartered in London. The company’s product portfolio includes systems such as storage appliances and network switches. SoftIron says its hardware is used by a variety of organizations including banks, research institutions and government agencies.

HyperCloud, the new platform that SoftIron debuted today, is designed to help companies more easily build private cloud environments.

Building a private cloud environment historically required companies to separately procure servers, network equipment and storage systems. Moreover, an organization must buy multiple software tools to manage the equipment. The different hardware and software components then have to be integrated in a process that can take several months.

According to SoftIron, its new HyperCloud platform delivers all the components necessary to build a private cloud in a single, pre-integrated package. The platform includes both hardware appliances and management software. SoftIron says the platform can be deployed in hours instead of the months the task usually requires.

“Building and running clouds today is overly complex as engineers battle to integrate disparate layers of technology into a resilient, performant and scalable solution,” said SoftIron Chief Technology Officer Kenny Van Alstyne. “HyperCloud removes the complexity of integrating the many independent hardware and software layers needed to build a cloud into a unified purpose-built fabric.”

SoftIron has equipped HyperCloud with an extensive set of software tools designed to ease day-to-day maintenance. The tools make it simpler to provision additional hardware, troubleshoot malfunctions and download updates. Using SoftIron’s software, companies can also create multiple HyperCloud deployments in different data centers and link them together.

HyperCloud supports several types of workloads. Companies can use the platform to run virtual machines, software containers and bare-metal applications, or applications that run directly on a server without the help of external software such as a hypervisor.

Many organizations operate their private cloud environments in a multitenant configuration. A multitenant private cloud is a technology environment that hosts applications for several different users. A managed service provider, for example, might host several different companies’ applications on the same infrastructure. 

SoftIron says HyperCloud includes a set of features specifically designed for multitenant environments. Those features include cybersecurity controls that enable administrators to manage user access to infrastructure more efficiently. The service also enables administrators to create a service catalog, a collection of pre-packaged applications that users can deploy with relative ease.

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