Zyxel Armor G5 Giveaway: Enter to Win Today

Zyxel Armor G5 Giveaway: Enter to Win Today

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Updated (August 22): Alan’s response as the official winner of the giveaway:

“Thank you, Dong! We are so happy with this new addition to our Wi-Fi!

What an awesome gift, coincidentally it’s my b-day today 😊

Also, appreciate the gesture from Joe Orzech, thank you!”

Congratulations again and Happy Birthday, Alan!

This concludes this giveaway, check back soon for the next one.

This giveaway has an official comment count of 62. The comment section is now re-opened.

It’s been a bit of a drama.

Update (August 17): We’ve got a NEW winner!

After re-reading the rules, which include a “no-selling” notion, Joe Orzech has decided to decline the item. (How honorable!)

That makes Alan (who guessed 58) the new winner.

Congratulations, Alan! Enjoy your new Zyxel Armor G5!

The final stats:

  • Total comment count: 62.
  • The number of correct guesses: 0.
  • Closest and winning numbers: 65 (Sean Wilson) and 59 (Joe Orzech).
  • Runner-up: 58 (Alan).
  • Sean Wilson didn’t have their email addresses active with the subscription, so his entry was disqualified (though the comments were counted).
  • The winner, Joe Orzech, declined to receive the item to honor the rules. (He has no use or anyone to gift it to.)
  • Alan is the new and final winner.

Update (August 16 at 6 PM PDT): We’ve got a winner!

Congratulations, Joe Orzech!

Via an email Joe Orzech has decided to decline to receive the router saying in part:

“I can’t believe I’m going to do this, but I think I’m going to forego the router. It’s not really what I need, and so it would probably be just one more box of hardware sitting on my shelf. You said not to sell it, and I can’t think of anyone I could give it to who needs it, so it can go to the next guy in line.”


“So, please pass it on to Alan with my best wishes for a happy network at his house.”

Update (August 16 at 3 PM PDT): The contest has ended, and comments are closed. Please check back soon for the result. Thank you for participating.

Please note:

The result will be sent via another update sent to those who have subscribed and the winner who has 24 hours to respond — if you haven’t confirmed the subscription in earnest, you won’t receive it. A runner-up will be selected if there’s no appropriate and timely response.

Below is the original contest

You’re in for a chance to win this Zyxel Armor G5 giveaway. The hardware is one of a few Wi-Fi 6 routers on the market with two Multi-Gig ports.

Welcome to Dong Knows Tech’s 2nd contest. Things are much easier this time around than the previous one — I learned.

Zyxel Armor G5
Zyxel Armor G5 giveaway: This is a cool-looking router with two Multi-Gig ports.

Zyxel Armor G5 giveaway: The Details

I first reviewed the Armor G5 some two years ago and, at the time, found it a bit buggy. There have been a few firmware updates since to improve the hardware.

In any case, this router is excellent for those needing fast speeds (wired and wireless.) It’ll be great hardware if you don’t want much customization or are not the type who likes messing around too much.

Have Gigabit or Gig+ broadband and want to get the most out of it? Zyxel’s Armor G5 will likely do you a solid. You can buy it on Amazon for $300 or enter for a chance to it from Dong Knows Tech here for free.

Zyxel Armor G5: Hardware specs

Name Armor G5 AX6000 12-Stream Multi-Gigabit Wi-Fi 6 Router
Model NBG7815
Wi-Fi Technology Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) AX6000 
2.4GHz Wi-Fi Specs 4×4 Wi-Fi 6: up to 1200 Mbps
5GHz Wi-Fi Specs 4X4 Wi-Fi 6: up to 4804 Mbps
Backward Compatibility 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
AP Mode Yes
Mesh-ready No
160MHz Channel Support Yes
Gigabit LAN Ports 4x Gigabit LAN
Multi-Gig Ports 1x 2.5Gbps WAN, 
1x 10Gbps LAN
Link Aggregation No
Dual-WAN No
USB 1 x USB-A USB 3.0 ports (storage, printer)
Mobile App Zyxel Armor
QoS No
Parental Control Yes (Internet blocking only)
Processing Power 64-bit quad-core 2.2 GHz, 4GB Flash, 1GB RAM
Built-in Online Protection No
Dimensions 9.8 x 7.2 x 2.6 inch 
(248 x 182 x 66 mm)
Weight 2.2 lbs (1 kg)
Zyxel Armor G5’s hardware specifications.

How to enter to win — Please read this part carefully!

To enter the contest for the chance to win, you only need to leave a contest entry, which is a comment that meets the following criteria:

  1. It must start with a number, which is your best guess for the total number of all published comments on this post by the end of the contest.
  2. You must use a valid email address — your email will never be shown publicly — and follow the applicable general comment rules below. (Hint: Be nice!)
  3. Check the box that reads “Notify me of new posts by email.” to subscribe and confirm the subscription with the opt-in email you will receive. (Feel free to check the other two boxes, but that’s not required.)

Please note:

  • All comments that don’t violate the comment rules will be published and counted towards the total number. They include general questions and those that don’t start with a number.
  • Each person can leave up to five contest entries by replying to their previous entry. In that case, your latest number, per the time stamp, will be your official guess. If you create multiple threads — separate comments as contest entries — your earliest will be your official guess. (Hint: Don’t do it!)
  • Use the same email for each subsequent time — you only need to subscribe once.

The screenshot below shows an example of a valid entry. Feel free to help yourself to some creativity. Or not.

Dong Knows tech comment form
Here’s an example of a valid entry for this giveaway contest. Note the required email notification subscription — you only need to subscribe once.

Contest duration and winning criteria

This contest will last until 3 PM (Pacific time) Tuesday, August 16, 2022.

At that time, the comment section will be closed. The winner will be determined by:

  1. Having made the correct or the closest guess of the total published comments. And
  2. Their email address is active with the subscription.

In a draw, the earliest entry wins.

Important: At least 24 hours before the contest ends — that’s 3 PM August 15 — all new comments will be held for moderation until the end at which point they will be published simultaneously. That’s to ensure everyone is on the same playing field regarding making the correct guesses.

The winner’s winning entry will be highlighted. They will be notified (together with everybody else) via the email subscription and have 24 hours to respond via the Contact page using “Giveaway contest” as the Subject and the same email address. A runner-up will be selected if there’s no appropriate and timely response.

The final winner will have the option to show a personal message in this post, including a photo of themselves and the item. Or they can choose to remain anonymous.

Make sure you read and agree with the terms below before participating. (They won’t bite.)

Important: Rules, disclaimers, and shipping

Official Rules

We play by the honor system here:

  • One contestant per household
  • Participate only if you intend to use, or gift the item if you win, and not to sell it. This is not about monetary gain.
  • This giveaway is available only to those living in the United States — the intended locale of the hardware.


This giveaway transaction, if taken place, doesn’t make Dong Knows Tech the seller nor the winner the buyer. Dong Knows Tech takes no responsibility for the functionality, quality, or physical condition of the item it gives you.


  • You understand that you’re getting a giveaway that’s intended to carry no monetary value. You’re doing this for fun and not for financial gain.
  • There’s no guarantee that the item will work according to your expectations.
  • You might or might not be able to register it with the vendor for the general support or warranty.
  • Dong Knows Tech will not provide tech support or warranty. The only thing you can expect to get from this website and its owner if you win the contest is the item itself, and nothing else.
  • There’s no return.


The items will be shipped to a valid residential address within the lower 48 states of the US of the winner’s choosing via standard shipping. No insurance will be included in the shipping. Dong Knows Tech is not responsible if the item is damaged or lost during transit.

If you want:

  • Faster or better shipping. Or
  • The item to be shipped to a territory outside of the US’s contiguous states (Hawaii, Alaska, etc.), a P.O. Box, or office address. Or
  • Take care of the shipping cost because think you should.


You’ll need to pay for the shipping by providing a prepaid shipping label or sending Dong Knows Tech the shipping cost via a method that will be provided.

By participating, you explicitly agree with the rules and disclaimers mentioned here. You understand that your chance of winning is low, and you don’t receive anything when you’re not the winner. At any time you want to change your mind, please contact Dong Knows Tech to have your entry (comment) permanently removed. You can also decline to receive the item if you’re the winner.

Want to know the router a bit more? Here’s its in-depth review.

Zyxel Armor G5 review

Good luck, everyone! And thank you for participating!

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