Fantom releases upgrades to enhance speed, scalability, and decentralization

Fantom upgrades to enhance speed, scalability, decentralization

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Layer 1 blockchain Fantom has unveiled upgrades to boost settlement speed and platform efficiency, the Fantom Foundation announced on Thursday. 

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Fast facts

  • Fantom’s upgrades include the implementation of all London EIP-1559 changes and a new variation of the consensus mechanism called Lachesis Light Repeater, which stores minimum information from the chain to boost speed.
  • It also includes Snapsync, which lowers the time needed for validators to join the network, improving decentralization, Fantom Foundation said in a statement. 
  • Over the past year, Fantom has witnessed a 3,800% increase in the number of unique wallet addresses on the network, while daily transactions increased 15,460%, the statement claimed. 

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