Traceable AI announces new capabilities for API Catalog

Traceable AI announces new capabilities for API Catalog

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Application programming interface security startup Traceable Inc. today announced new capabilities for its API Catalog to allow organizations to overcome challenges with API discovery and risk assessment.

The API Catalog enhancements seek to address the importance of being able to inventory assets, a bedrock of every security program. Traceable AI argues that security leaders need to discover all APIs automatically and continuously, identify sensitive data flows and assess risk exposure to manage API-related security threats. That, it says, calls for an actionable API Catalog that provides capabilities beyond traditional discovery and inventory tools.

Traceable AI’s enhanced API Catalog provides benefits to security, DevOps and compliance teams. Security teams gain access to a real-time API catalog, including risk assessment of all the APIs and the associated data to obtain a comprehensive view of their attack surface and risk posture. That assists in prioritizing API security issues that must be addressed.

For DevOps teams, continuous integration and continuous deployment integration allow them to address security issues the same way they would address quality issues in the testing process. With the enhancements in API Catalog, DevOps teams can identify problems early in nonproduction environments and quickly fix them.

On the compliance side, the enhanced API Catalog delivers governance, risk management and compliance teams real-time, accurate API inventory and visibility into sensitive data exposure, particularly as they answer to regulatory bodies. GRC teams can track all data correlated across disparate systems to deliver comprehensive audits and compliance efficiency.

The API Catalog solution provides DevSecOps staff with a single view for all APIs by showing all activity in one place. The catalog prioritizes the most important and valuable information first and details potential risks and sensitive data exposure for all of the APIs that have been discovered.

The service provides the ability to make shadow APIs visible, including anything that is not going through API gateways. To keep up with DevOps teams, the catalog displays a live feed of all API changes.

“Most organizations do not have an accurate account and up-to-date inventory of their APIs,” Traceable AI co-founder and Chief Executive Jyoti Bansal said in a statement. “Shadow APIs can linger, and frequent releases by development teams makes it difficult for security teams to keep up and manage their risks and exposure. Automation of discovery and an always up-to-date inventory and cataloging of every API in the organization are critical first steps in detecting real-time changes and managing risks.”

API Catalog is offered in three tiers: free, team and enterprise.

Traceable AI was last in the news on May 3 when it raised $60 million in new funding on a $450 million valuation. The new funding was to accelerate its growth by investing in its product development and research efforts, bolstering its sales and marketing teams, and expanding global sales.

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