South Korea to launch crypto oversight committee after Terra crash

S.Korea to launch crypto oversight committee after Terra crash

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In its urgency to reign in the cryptocurrency industry in the wake of the Terra collapse, South Korea will launch a “Digital Asset Committee” by the end of June, according to a local news report.

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Fast facts

  • The committee will serve as a watchdog for the crypto industry until the proposed Digital Asset Basic Act is enacted and the government creates a separate agency for the task.
  • The government is expanding and reorganizing its existing Special Committee on Virtual Assets to form the new Digital Asset Committee.
  • The committee will be launched after the Financial Services Commission’s new chairman takes up office. 
  • The new committee will set coin-listing criteria, monitor unfair trade practices, oversee investor protection measures, among other tasks. 
  • The country’s regulators have reportedly been trying to speed up crypto regulation since the Terra debacle affected nearly 280,000 South Koreans. 

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