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What Level Or Tool Do You Need To Harvest Iron In V Rising

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You may have already found Iron but your attack may be too low. This guide on What Level Or Tool Do You Need To Harvest Iron In V Rising will tell you exactly what you need to harvest iron ore because if you check around, there’s a lot of incorrect information that states you need the wrong tools.

V Rising can be a little confusing because it seems to use both a Gear Score requirement and an Item requirement, depending on what you want to do. For example, certain activities are nearly impossible if your gear score isn’t high enough, regardless of your items, while the other requirements are based on items. Mining Iron Ore is based entirely on items, your gear score doesn’t seem to play a part.

What Level Or Tool Do You Need To Harvest Iron In V Rising

That said, the two are intrinsically linked. If you want to harvest iron ore you need a MINIMUM of a Merciless copper item. Normal copper items don’t work. You need a Merciless version of one of the tools, either Sword, Axe, Spear or Mace. The bow doesn’t work. The Merciless items are “blue” (rarer) versions of the copper items. You find this recipe by either using 50 Paper at the Research Desk or getting a lucky blueprint drop when killing named enemies.

Ideally, you want the Merciless Copper Mace, as that’s the best item to farm Iron Ore, but you’ll likely get the Merciless Copper Sword first. That’s fine, it will get less Iron Ore overall but it will still allow you to farm iron ore.

So remember, a minimum blue copper tool is required. Farm high level V Blood Targets, like Clive the Firestarter, to get the drops.

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