V Rising Change Of Blood Type Guide

V Rising Change Of Blood Type Guide

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Curious what the change of Blood Type message means? This V Rising Change Of Blood Type Guide explains the Blood Type mechanics of the game as they play a huge part in various parts of developing both your character and your castle. It’s important to learn and remember where to find specific NPC’s with specific Blood Types, so make sure to leave markers on your map when you find good NPC’s with good Blood Types.

When you are exploring the game world and you fight enemies, you can feed on them when they get to a certain % of their health. You can either instantly kill them, by clicking LMB, or you can hold the feeding button to feed on them until they are dead. When you highlight an enemy you will see that they have a name, a health bar, a level, and a Blood Type alongside a %. The Blood Type represents the type and the percentage represents the level of buffs you will receive.

V Rising Change Of Blood Type Guide

Find any enemy you can feed on, they must be an enemy with blood. Wolves or humans, anything of that nature. Once you’ve found one, lower its health until you can select the feed option, then feed on them until they are dead. Then, at the bottom center of the screen, you will see the blood meter fill up. To the left of the blood meter will be an icon with a percentage underneath. This will match what you just killed, the same blood type and the same percent. If you highlight this icon with the mouse, you will see all the benefits the blood type gives.

If you feed on another creature with the same blood type, the percentage will replace the current type, it will not stack.

So that’s everything you need to know about what changing Blood Type means.

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