How To Get Servants In V Rising

How To Get Servants In V Rising

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You can use Servants to defend your castle or go out for supplies. This guide on How To Get Servants In V Rising will walk you through the process of recruiting Servants so that you’re able to have some help farming some materials or you can assign them to defend your castle if it gets attacked.

Having NPC’s alongside you is getting more and more common in the survival genre. Games like Age of Conan executed the feature perfectly, allowing players to unlock new recipes and crafting options through the recruitment of slaves. It’s a similar system in V Rising in that each person you recruit is unique. They have different stats, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses, so over time, you’ll be recruiting a lot of Servants.

How To Get Servants In V Rising

If you want to get Servants you need to follow the “story”, the objectives in the upper left corner of the screen. Eventually, you will get the quest that tasks you with building a Servant Coffin. Once the Coffin is built you will get the Army of Darkness quest, which tasks you with using Dominating Presence to covert a human into a Servant.

To do this, you need to head out into the world and find any human enemy. They can be any level. The first one I recruited was a Skull rating, so higher level enemies can be captured. When you approach your target press CTRL and highlight Dominating Presence. You then need to use the R ability to launch the Dominating Presence spell.

It’s not a guarantee and it can take a few tries but eventually, the human will fall under your spell. They will then follow you. Head back to your castle and interact with the Servant Coffin to have the Servant join your army. Depending on the Servant level and your coffin bonuses, it can take a few hours to break them in.

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