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Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong Confrontation Guide

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There are no “free” options that work for some of these, such as point #3, unless you prepare for it. You can restart the mission if need be. You need to convince Joseph Manneh, the guy in the museum part of the level, to assist you. You can then rat him out during the confrontation. To do this, get the red implant from the doctor and then use that to increase the thermostat in the museum part.

If you give the address to Stanford, he will later claim that it will be purged and cleansed.

Note: These options will “succeed” the Confrontation but you will have to give vital information to Stanford, which is considered a Failure at the end.

1. Tell the truth
2. Tell the truth
3. Joseph Manneh
4. Give him the address

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