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Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong Choices & Consequences Guide

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There are many different paths your choices can take you down. This Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong Choices & Consequences Guide breaks down the major choices you can make during the game and explains the consequences and outcome of each of the decisions you make.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong is a game that focuses nearly entirely on conversations, controlling the narrative with a variety of different choices during interactions with certain characters. However, the vast majority of these choices simply act as a method of including minor alterations to the dialogue itself. There are some major decisions, and these are made obvious by a thudding pulse-like noise in the background with the choices highlighted on the screen.

Those are the choices we are going to focus on for this guide, the major choices that impact how certain characters progress and evolve as the story continues. There are also choices that are considered “successes” at the end of each chapter. Completing these objectives earns you experience points.

Be sure to check out our Confrontations Guide for the conversations in the Confrontation system.

There are key points in the story, that are not part of choices or dialogue, that influence the ending. This list is not exhaustive but it includes every event we encountered over multiple play throughs. If you want to get the best ending, you need to make sure you complete all objectives related to these events:

  • Whether Emem installs the virus in the SAD base
  • You must identify the traitor during the final missions at the S.A.D Base
  • Ally with the Hartford Chantry
  • Whether you’re able to find Jason Moore

Scene: 01 Princes Quarters

Take Her To The Prince Or She Should Run

Give In To Premonition Or Stay Focused

I Found What Journey Was Looking For Or Keep The File

Moores Apartment

I Hope It Works Out Or It Doesnt

Tell Her To Leave Or Let Her Finish Her Mission

After finishing all objectives, dial “Pura Vida” on the phone in the bathroom. In the childs room, you will see a sign on the wall for “Pura Vida”. This represents the correct numbers. Remember the spelling of the sign and then go into the parents bedroom and use the bathroom mirror to make a phone call. This will let you find Jason Moore which influences the cut-scene at the end of the game.

Take Him To The Prince Or Let Him Go


When you meet with the group at the end of this mission, this is another decision that influences the outcome of the game. Convincing the mages to work with you under the offer of a neighborhood in Boston is the most “positive” outcome for the story.

Scene 05: Prince’s Quarters

Help Kaius Or Speak With Berel

All Right Or Refuse And Leave

Take The Treatment Or Halsey Stays With Me

Anarch Domain

There are various choices here that come together to shape part of the ending depending on how the Anarch domain assists Emem and what their fate is. If you want the “better” endings, you need to secure the help of both parties and then convince the thane. Cerys is the easiest as you just speak to her first and have them try to frame her, then report it to her. I’ve still not managed to find out how to get into the hackers vault.

Hes Making A Huge Mistake Or I Need Him

Cerys and her Second

You can either frame Cerys and let her second take command or, if you take the documents to Cerys, you can convince her of her seconds betrayal and she will join your cause instead.

Stick To The Princes Plan Or Go It Alone

Long Island

Clear Her Suspicions or Kill Her

Dealing With The Guard

Your first action immediately fails here. If you move toward him and attack the guard, you will skip most of this level and go straight to the Confrontation at the end. You need to use any other option with the highest chance to succeed.

If you take Favarones implant

The implant allows you to progress and Doctor Favarone’s dies. Later in the story, near the end, you can find her body in a morgue.

Kill Him & Take His Implant Or Spare Him

Red Salon

Destroy It Or Dont Destroy It

Leaving The Area

When you want to leave the area from the underground section, you need to solve the puzzle. If you leave by talking to the guard, you’ll be shot and captured.

S.A.D Base (Leysha)

Destroy Him Or Let Him Leave

S.A.D Base (Emem)

Kill The Agent Or Let Him Live

S.A.D Base (Galeb)

Free The Werewolf or Dont

Free Berel Or Leave Him

Kill Paula Or Erase Her Memory

Princes Quarters

I Will Embrace Her Or She Must Disappear

Heed The Beckoning Or Stay With The Prince

Quit The Camarilla Or Join The Primogen

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