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How To Make & Get Planks In V Rising

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Planks are a vital resource in V Rising so you will need to know how to get some. This guide on How To Make & Get Planks In V Rising will tell you everything you need to know to craft planks so you can access a brand new resource, craft new items, and progress with the story missions.

Before you are able to get Planks as a resource, you will first need to follow the main story. When you start your adventure in V Rising you will notice, in the top left of the screen, you will have constant objectives to complete. This feature serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it’s directing you on how to progress, and secondly, it’s teaching you vital blueprints that you will need as you progress further into the game.

How To Make & Get Planks In V Rising

You need to follow the main story until you unlock the ability to construct a Sawmill. You will have built your castle already at this point. Once you have the Sawmill blueprint unlock, you need to construct a Sawmill inside your castle. Once the Sawmill is constructed, you can then interact with it to craft new resources.

Once your Sawmill is built, make sure you fill the Castle Heart with Blood Essence, this is the energy used to fuel your production buildings. Then you simply drag the Lumber into the Sawmill and it will begin producing logs.

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