Getty Images to launch NFT marketplace with Candy Digital

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Online image gallery Getty Images announced it will launch a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace and debut digital collectibles on the Ethereum Virtual Machine-based Palm sidechain.

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Fast facts

  • Getty Images has tapped digital collectibles specialist Candy Digital to mint some stock image on the blockchain, picking from the provider’s 465 million images, according to a press release. 
  • “NFT products creatively bring these iconic and rare photographs from the last two centuries to life for people to experience and collect in a new digital format,” said Scott Lawin, CEO of NFT developer Candy Digital. 
  • Getty Images’ NFT marketplace intends to accept both fiat and cryptocurrency payments.
  • Candy Digital is a partner of Major League Baseball, Race Team Alliance and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).
  • News outlets such as the South China Morning Post are taking part in the trend to mint NFTs out of photographic records and archives. 
  • However, photographic NFT popularity dwarfs in comparison to NFT avatars and digital collectibles. 

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