Wholesome Direct 2022 Teaser Trailer Released

Wholesome Direct 2022 Teaser Trailer Released

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Set to launch on June 11 at 4:30pm GMT, get a taste of the Wholesome Direct with the teaser trailer for this showcase.

According to their Steam page, the goal of the Wholesome Direct is to brighten everyone’s day with cute, friendly, compassionate, and cozy video games. Previous titles unveiled include Baladins, Schim, Pocket Wheels, Catizens, Star Stuff, and Cat Cafe Manager.

You can view the teaser trailer below:

Wholesome Direct 2022 Teaser Trailer

For those just learning about the Wholesome Direct series, you can catch up on previously announced titles with the Wholesome Direct 2021 below:

Wholesome Direct – Indie Game Showcase 6.12.2021

All those interested in joining the Wholesome Games mailing list can do so here. For those who just can’t get enough wholesomeness in their lives, the list will also include updates around Wholesome Snack and Wholesome Jam.

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