Journey 1 and 2 Return to GWENT

Journey 1 and 2 Return to GWENT

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Both the first and second seasons of the Journey progression mode have returned to CD PROJEKT RED’s GWENT: The Witcher Card Game.

Both Season 1 ‘Geralt’ and Season 2 ‘Ciri’ will be available to players at no additional charge, along with an optional Premium tier. Note that all originally included vanities will come part and parcel with both Journeys.

These are joined by new unlockable rewards like auras, cardbacks, trinkets, music, and trophies. Note that players that did not previously play or purchase these seasons will be able to unlock everything (old and new) via contracts. Meanwhile, those that previously purchased or played Journeys 1 & 2 can unlock new items by completing contracts without making any additional purchases.

Also launching is Patch 10.5, which features general balance changes. Note that this patch is available for free on all supported platforms.

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