TZ APAC, NUS join for blockchain, computing education

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Blockchain consultancy TZ APAC has partnered with the National University of Singapore School of Computing (NUS Computing) to set up the Centre for Nurturing Computing Excellence, the company said in a statement

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Fast facts

  • The new center will enable students to learn from industry experts in fields such as blockchain technology, cloud computing and data science.
  • Colin Miles, CEO of TZ APAC, said: “In partnering with NUS Computing, we hope to advance a future in which blockchain education isn’t something limited to niche developer communities, but a vital part of computing curriculums across some of the region’s leading universities.”
  • TZ APAC helps enterprises adopt blockchain technologies, working closely with blockchain experts and other stakeholders in the Tezos ecosystem.
  • Along with other community entities, it is backed by a US$1.2 billion ecosystem war chest stewarded by the Tezos Foundation to support some of the most promising local and regional projects. 

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