How To Place Traps In Eiyuden Chronicle Rising

How To Place Traps In Eiyuden Chronicle Rising

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Early on in Eiyuden Chronicle Rising, you will run into a place to put down a trap. Check out this guide to find out How To Place Traps In Eiyuden Chronicle Rising. This way you can get some more crafting materials while you are out and about.

Where To Get A Fishing Pole In Eiyuden Chronicle Rising

It will take you a few hours to get to traps. You need to first unlock the Outlander Lane in town. Do some quests there and main quests and you will eventually unless Second Street, which is off of Outlander Lane. Head back there and start doing some quests and repairing the buildings in the area. One of these buildings is the tool shop, which has to be fixed up.

When you fix it, you will be able to buy a fishing pole and a trap tool. They are only level one right now, but as you progress you will be able to upgrade it. Now when you put down a trap, you will get some meat. You don’t see what you get until you leave. So put down the trap and complete the area to get your reward. As you upgrade you will get better meat, but for now it’ll be base level stuff.

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