Twitter spinoff Bluesky releases its first code ADX

Twitter spinoff Bluesky releases its first code ADX

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Twitter-backed Bluesky, a company researching and developing open and decentralized standards for social media, released its first code on Thursday called Authenticated Data Experiment (ADX) on GitHub.

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Fast facts

  • Unlike centralized social media platforms where user-generated content is stored in the platform’s servers, ADX data is kept in user-owned Personal Data Repositories.
  • “There’s no one company that can decide what gets published; instead there is a marketplace of companies deciding what to carry to their audiences,” Bluesky posted on GitHub of the ADX moderation protocol.
  • ADX, which was released under an open-source MIT License, is still in the development phase but open for developers to test on GitHub.
  • Twitter founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey is on the board of the Bluesky project, which was founded in 2019 and incorporated as an independent entity in 2022. 
  • “We don’t have a finished product or a fully-specified protocol, but we’re putting together components that we believe will enable a social media ecosystem with a healthier balance of power,” Bluesky CEO Jay Graber wrote in a May 4 update of the project

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