Dell announces expanded cyber recovery offerings for on-premises and cloud data

Dell announces expanded cyber recovery offerings for on-premises and cloud data

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Dell Technologies Inc. said today it’s expanding its cybersecurity recovery options for companies across public clouds and their own data centers with a trio of new offerings that together will provide more control over how data is stored, controlled and protected.

The new offerings, introduced at Dell Technologies World running this week in Las Vegas, include an expansion of Dell’s APEX infrastructure-as-a-service portfolio, which allows enterprises to rent technology hardware from Dell on demand, paying only for what they use. Adding to Dell’s existing APEX Cloud Services and data offerings, the company introduced Dell APEX Cyber Recovery Services. It’s billed as the first in a series of new APEX full stack solutions that aim to deliver a cloudlike experience and is designed to simplify recovery from cyberattacks.

With the new service, Dell will manage the day-to-day cybersecurity recovery vault operations and also assist with data recovery when it’s needed. The offering comes with a selection of standardized configurations, simplified Dell-assisted recovery options and expertise with nearly 2,000 isolated vault solutions deployed globally. For now, it’s already available to customers in the U.S., with availability in other countries planned for later in the year.

Alongside the new APEX offering, Dell is stepping up its game in cloud data recovery too with the launch of Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for Microsoft Azure in the Azure Marketplace. It’s an entirely new cloud service that Dell said will enable organizations to deploy an isolated cyber vault in the public cloud that can more securely protect and isolate data, protecting it from ransomware attacks and improving cyber resiliency.

In addition, it will also give customers flexible recovery options in the event of an incident. So customers can choose from recovery options within their own data centers, with a new Azure private network or an unaffected Azure environment, Dell said.

Finally, Dell announced a new offering for Amazon Web Services Inc.’s cloud, called CyberSense for Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for AWS. Although the name of the new service might be a mouthful, it’s actually designed to make life easier for companies that suffer cyberattacks.

The service provides a way for companies to monitor files and databases hosted on AWS to determine when a cyberattack occurs and identify the last known uncorrupted copy of that data to aid with recovery. Further, it can aid in investigations, providing access to machine learning and forensic tools to detect what happened, diagnose how it happened and finally, speed data recovery.

Dell said Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for Microsoft Azure and CyberSense for Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery for AWS will both become available in the second half of the year.

Dell co-Chief Operating Officer Chuck Whitten (pictured) said today’s new offerings all meet the enterprise need for a common approach to managing data wherever it lives. “We are building a portfolio of software and services that simplifies on-premises and multi-cloud environments and offers,” he explained.

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