How To Upgrade In My Hello Kitty Cafe

How To Upgrade In My Hello Kitty Cafe

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Upgrading can increase how much your equipment produces at your cafe. Check out this guide to find out How To Upgrade In My Hello Kitty Cafe. This way you can serve more customers and earn more cash to buy new things.

How To Upgrade In My Hello Kitty Cafe

Upgrading will require Diamonds, so make sure you have at least 200. The codes on the homepage will get you there easily and just playing will as well. We are going to upgrade our Americano Expresso Machine so we need to go get it from the Cafe first. Go inside and enter build mode and remove the Expresso Machine.

Now head to the train tracks and go to the Mall area of the town. Here you will see three stalls. One let’s you sell items, one is coming soon, and the last one is upgrade. When you click that you can put the Expresso Machine there and then you can upgrade it.

To upgrade it we need the part from the diamond store.

Store My Hello Kitty Cafe

Find the Ameircano Express Machine upgrade and buy that. Now you can upgrade the machine at the vendor and it will put out three drinks instead of one. Not all equipment can be upgraded, so don’t think you will be spamming this often.

The same applies to the other drink machines, buy the upgrade and come here to upgrade it.

Check back soon for more My Hello Kitty Cafe guides.

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