Across the InfiniVerse: Next-gen solid-state array signals Infinidat's next chapter

Across the InfiniVerse: Next-gen solid-state array signals Infinidat’s next chapter

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The best data solutions are coveted in the enterprise. Powering those solutions is storage, the crucial computing component tasked to keep pace with today’s sprawling software.

Revving up its offerings in scalable, secure storage, Infinidat Ltd. has been on something of a Super Cycle of product announcements, including today’s unveiling of its new InfiniBox SSA II solid state array. Building atop its flagship InfiniBox platform with its first-ever solid state array launching just last year, Infinidat is signaling a strong and consistent cadence of product releases.

“This is a hallmark of successful storage companies,” said Dave Vellante, principal analyst at Wikibon, a sister company of SiliconANGLE. Noting the executive changes under CEO Phil Bollinger’s leadership, Infinidat’s recent developments are positioning the company for its next chapter.

Joining Vellante in a special segment for theCUBE, SiliconANGLE’s livestreaming studio, is Infinidat’s new chief marketing officer Eric Herzog (pictured). The two discussed the stats behind Infinidat’s latest rollouts, and the role of artificial intelligence in its approach to cyber resilience. (* Disclosure below.)

Next-gen solid state arrays

Where many storage solutions use two array controllers, InfiniBox implements three. Now bolstered with additional CPUs, InfiniBox can take on additional controller interconnects and CPU cores, Infinidat is claiming major performance wins.

“We now are at 35 [microseconds] of latency, real-world — not a hero number, but real-world — on an array. Speeds are also as fast as 100 microseconds of latency across the entire configuration, not just the storage,” Herzog said.

The foray into SSA configurations was a notable pivot point for Infinidat, as the company seeks more opportunities to expand its install base. Now with an “original” InfiniBox and an SSA-enhanced version, Infinidat hopes to cover all client performance needs.

Citing a beta user of the upgraded InfiniBox, Herzog revealed new performance numbers:

“In every benchmark [for input/output operations per second], latency and bandwidth-oriented, we outperformed the next nearest competition. For example, 57% faster in IOPS, 58% faster in bandwidth, and on the latency side using real-world Oracle apps, we were three times better performance on the latency aspect. For a high end high performance workload, that’s heavily transactional.”

To InfiniVerse… and beyond

While performance boosts bring bragging rights, the bigger picture captures Infinidat’s integrative efforts across its product portfolio, particularly in the realm of cyber resilience.

InfiniSafe and InfiniGuard have both been integrated into the new InfiniBox SSA II, combining immutable snapshots of data, logical air gapping, fenced forensic environments and virtually instantaneous data recovery. With a spreading threat landscape and increasingly sophisticated ransomware attacks, storage has become more important than ever in securing data management touchpoints.

“The goal between the InfiniGuard and secondary storage, and the InfiniBox and the InfiniBox SSA II — we’re launching it now —  the InfiniSafe for InfiniBox will work on the original InfiniBox,” explained Herzog. “It’s a software-only thing. So there’s no extra hardware needed. If you have an InfiniBox today, when you upgrade to the latest software, you can have the InfiniSafe reference architecture available.” 

Such advancements are supported in part by Infinidat’s machine learning efforts, a hallmark of the company’s approach from day one. New algorithms work towards InfiniBox’s workload optimization, automatically adapting to changes such as added servers and applications.

The company is also introducing InfiniOps, a new portfolio of solutions appealing to developers. It comes with AIOps built into the box by way of InfiniVerse’s automation toolset.

“InfiniOps is all software and allows us to do AIOps both inside of our storage system with our InfiniVerse, and our InfiniMetrics package,” said Herzog. 

These packages will come preinstalled for customers and will host intrinsic support for outside tools such as VMware, Virtana and ServiceNow, according to Herzog. In addition, the full-stack support for Ansible will allow organizations a much more straightforward methodology for infrastructure deployment, which in itself is another considerable benefit, Herzog pointed out.

“Between our AIOps focus and what we’re doing with InfiniOps, that extends … this ease-of-use model that we’ve had,” he added.

Stay tuned for the on-demand version of this special CUBEconversation, and view other episodes in our #cyberresilience series here.

With reporting by Kristen Nicole Martin

(* Disclosure: Infinidat Ltd. sponsored this segment of theCUBE. Neither Infinidat nor other sponsors have editorial control over content on theCUBE or SiliconANGLE.)

Photo: SiliconANGLE

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