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Daedalic Entertainment 15th Anniversary Celebration Underway

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Daedalic Entertainment is celebrating its 15th anniversary this week with a number of new releases, pre-order starts, and updates – scope them out below.

Godlike Burger has players taking control of a space-traveling chef on the hunt for the best ingredients – which just so happen to be his own guests. In his quest for the perfect burger, players must lure these unsuspecting delectables into traps, upgrade their restaurant and avoid getting caught by the space police.

Learn more with the launch trailer for the game below:

Godlike Burger – OUT NOW!

Meanwhile, VELONE will challenge players’ logical thinking abilities and creativity while exploring a relaxing atmosphere. Players are tasked with restoring energy to the desolated planet Velone while creating complex mechanical mechanisms.

Learn more with the launch trailer for the game below:

VELONE – Logic Puzzle Game OUT NOW!

Finally, the quick-to-learn but complex strategy game Warpips will receive its 1.0 update after a successful Early Access phase. Included are more maps, modes, new units and even helicopters.

Learn more with the 1.0 launch trailer for the game below:

Warpips – Version 1.0 Full Release OUT NOW!

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