Why One University Is Moving Toward a Subscription Model

Why One University Is Moving Toward a Subscription Model

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One big theme in education-innovation circles is that the professional world is changing faster than ever, and so schools and colleges must adjust how they teach to meet those needs.

One college in St. Louis, Maryville University, is embracing that argument in a big way by revamping its curriculum and even changing its business model to include options like a subscription model—with the goal of helping its students get good jobs after graduation.

The college’s president, Mark Lombardi, laid out his ideas in a new book he co-wrote, called “Pivot: A Vision for the New University.”

“By the end of this decade or before, students should pay for higher ed the way they pay for Netflix or their cell phone bill,” Lombardi says.

EdSurge sat down with Lombardi after a speech he gave at the recent SXSW EDU conference in Austin. We asked him how he defines the “new university” he’s pivoting to, and specifically what role the humanities might play in its updated curriculum.

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