Quali's enhanced Torque platform speeds app development and delivery

Quali’s enhanced Torque platform speeds app development and delivery

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Cloud and DevOps infrastructure automation startup Quali Systems Ltd. today announced the release of enhanced control plane features for its Torque platform.

Quali’s Torque platform is designed to speed app development and delivery through cloud automation. The enhancements enable DevOps professionals to orchestrate and secure complex application environments by simplifying infrastructure provisioning, eliminating siloed infrastructure and addressing infrastructure provisioning bottlenecks.

New features in the release include expanded automation and orchestration capabilities for heterogeneous environments, including public, private, hybrid and container infrastructure. The update delivers improved cost visibility and strengthens governance over security and compliance protocols.

Features such as orchestration across heterogeneous application environments simplify orchestration and management of container, infrastructure as code and private cloud technologies with Helm, Terraform and Center support. This is offered in the same modular, reusable blueprint, allowing users to define and provision environments complete with governance and policy definitions. Quali claims that by simplifying complex environments into self-service blueprints, DevOps teams can maintain control over cloud resources without slowing down developer access to infrastructure.

Improved cost visibility and control capabilities include setting limits for maximum duration and number of concurrent environments, limits for the total cost of an environment, Kubernetes cost reporting and improved forecasting and resource consumption policies per blueprint, sandbox and spaces.

The new release includes an enhanced security posture with customizable role-based access to blueprints, application programming interface token controls and integrations with secrets management technologies. DevOps teams can use the latest release to leverage secrets into their blueprint designs, with Torque able to populate secrets during the deployment of sandboxes, automatically hardening them.

“Organizations are increasingly constrained in their application development capabilities due to the growing complexity of infrastructure and the proliferation of the underlying tools in their technology stacks,” Edan Evantal, chief technology officer of Quali, said in a statement. “Torque is the control plane that helps them maintain control over their infrastructure, so they can speed development while managing costs and enhancing governance to reduce risks to their organizations.”

Torque is available via a 30-day free trial of Torque Enterprise or as a free tier for individuals or small teams.

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