The opening ceremony. Xiang Botao (left), Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Tsinghua University , Tong Zhilei (right), Chairman and President of Chinese Online Group, China launches metaverse lab

China launches metaverse lab

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Top-rated Tsinghua University Friday established China’s first metaverse culture laboratory to promote the study and development of the country’s growing metaverse space.

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Fast facts

  • The new laboratory will be used for research in the future of media technology, metaverse culture and creativity, and other metaverse fields. 
  • The new laboratory was founded in partnership between Tsinghua’s School of Journalism and Communications and Chinese Online (COL), a mainland Chinese company engaged in digital publishing. 
  • Xiang Botao, deputy secretary of the party committee of Tsinghua University, and Tong Zhilei, chairman and president of Chinese Online Group, led the event in person, with virtual anchors hosting in the metaverse.

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