Startup Warp raises $23M to reinvent the venerable command-line terminal

Startup Warp raises $23M to reinvent the venerable command-line terminal

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Developer productivity startup Warp, officially known as Denver Technologies, Inc., said today it has closed on $23 million in funding, including $6 million via a seed funding round and $17 million through its Series A round. The funding came as the company announced the launch of its super-fast modern command-line terminal, which aims to make developers more productive.

The Series A round was led by Dylan Field, co-founder and chief executive of Figma Inc, with participation from Elad Gil, Inc. founder Marc Benioff’s Time Ventures, and Next Play Ventures.

Warp is aiming to revamp the venerable developer terminal, which it says is long overdue. Although the terminal is used by software developers every day to write, build, run and deploy code, it is a relic of the past and has not been meaningfully improved in more than 40 years. Warp said this means developers waste countless hours trying to learn, use and collaborate in an archaic tool.

Warp founder and CEO Zach Lloyd said the terminal is one of two main apps that most developers use daily. So it’s crazy that it doesn’t support any of the modern user interface and collaboration features that are so commonplace in other software apps.

“On the same computers that are running Figma and Google Docs, developers are still using terminals familiar from 1980s hacker movies for many of their core workflows,” Lloyd said.

Warp changes that, reinventing the terminal, connecting it to the cloud and making it work for teams. The Warp terminal is built natively in the Rust programming language and features an interface that’s more suited to modern workflows. Most importantly, it changes the basic interface primitives of the terminal, which are text input and output, to adapt to the way modern developers work. With Warp, text input is similar to a modern day text editor, while output works similarly to a data notebook. Importantly, Warp is intelligent, helping developers by suggesting commands for commonly-used tools and offering dozens of built-in workflows to save developers time.

In addition to the refreshed capabilities, Warp tailors to the collaborative nature of development teams today. Using Warp, developers will be able to assist each other, debug outages collaboratively and share knowledge, all from within the terminal.

“Warp is making a 10-times better, multiplayer terminal and the opportunity is enormous,” Field said.

Developers have shown a lot of interest in Warp, with the company reporting that thousands of them have signed up for the waitlist for the private beta since last summer. Today, thousands are using Warp on a daily basis. As of today, Warp is now available in public beta for anyone to try out.

Warp received a nice testimonial from none other than Instagram co-founder Mike Krieger, who is currently working for a startup in stealth mode.

“I have been using Warp every day at work,” he said. “My favorite thing is the speed, both in terms of how fast it works and also how fast you feel while using it, especially the excellent typeahead and search. Warp brings terminals into the modern day and I can’t wait to see where they take Warp.”

Warp said it will use the funding from today’s round to grow its engineering team and continue building its product.

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