Lamborghini Lamborghini’s last all-gas Aventador to be auctioned with NFT

Lamborghini’s last all-gas Aventador to be auctioned with NFT

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The Italian luxury car maker will auction the world’s first supercar 1:1 NFT before the Aventador becomes a V12-powered plug-in hybrid. 

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Fast facts

  • With the Aventador approaching the end of production, Lamborghini is collaborating with Krista Kim and Steve Aoki for the 1:1 supercar NFT.
  • The drop is the world’s first NFT ever to be auctioned with a physical super sports car, the Italian luxury car maker claimed.
  • The NFT will include exclusive virtual previews of future limited edition Lamborghini models, among other benefits.
  • In February, Lamborghini had auctioned its first batch of five NFT collectibles themed in Lamborghini to the Stars to honor Apollo 11, with a total bidding price of US$659,636.
  • Over the past year, a brace of automakers have launched car-themed NFTs to join the frenzy; Porsche, Rolls-Royce, and McLaren have received the treatment.

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