Docker founders launch DevOps software deployment startup Dagger with $20M funding

Docker founders launch DevOps software deployment startup Dagger with $20M funding

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DevOps software deployment startup Dagger today announced that it has raised $20 million in new funding alongside the public beta launch of its platform that automates management for software supply chains.

The Series A round follows a $3 million pre-seed round and $7 million seed round that brings the total funding for the company raised to $30 million. Y Combinator also participated in the round.

Dagger was founded by Docker founders Solomon Hykes, Sam Alba and Andrea Luzzardi, who bring their experience in software development and orchestration to the platform. As a result, Dagger can run on any runtime compatible with Docker, which is a software container management framework that allows applications to run unchanged on multiple computer platforms.

The objective of Dagger’s platform is to take the otherwise complex problem of software supply chain management and simplify it with easier configuration, a large catalog of pre-built actions and the ability to make re-usable custom actions for the software delivery lifecycle.

Solomon Hykes, co-founder and chief executive of Dagger, said that one of the biggest problems facing DevOps teams, which combine software development and information technology department staff, having a standardized set of building blocks and that “solving this problem is the holy grail of DevOps.”

“With virtually all computing moving to the cloud, software supply chains are growing so large and complex that they have become a significant bottleneck,” he said. “This puts DevOps engineers — the people responsible for automating the software supply chain — under enormous pressure to keep up. These engineers have an abundance of specialized tools at their disposal, but they are forced to waste time gluing them together into artisanal pipelines.

Thanks to its ability to run anywhere a Docker-compatible runtime exists, Dagger lets developer teams avoid several major problems such as rewriting the same script over and over and being unable to migrate from one system to another. With Dagger, the company says, any configuration that works in one environment will migrate easily to another and an action that migration doesn’t require rewriting for shifting to a new system.

The company added that the new funding will enable it to grow its team and focus on the core features of the platform.

Dagger is an open-source project being developed on GitHub and it welcomes participation during the beta testing. The team has also opened up a Discord for the community to join in and give feedback about the platform.

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