Aerospike brings its managed NoSQL database to Google Cloud

Aerospike brings its managed NoSQL database to Google Cloud

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Aerospike Inc. today announced that it’s making its managed NoSQL database, the Aerospike Cloud Managed Service, available on Google Cloud.

The company is also simplifying the task of running its software on Red Hat’s OpenShift platform. 

Mountain View, California-based Aerospike is a database startup backed by more than $60 million in venture funding. The startup counts major tech firms such as Sony Group Corp. and Adobe Inc. among its customers.

The Aerospike Cloud Managed Service, which Aerospike today made available on Google Cloud, is a managed version of its namesake NoSQL database. The database includes scalability features that allow it to store petabytes of information. It’s used for tasks such as training machine learning models and analyzing sensor logs generated by “internet of things” devices.

One of the core selling points of Aerospike’s database is that it promises faster performance than many competing systems. According to a benchmark test carried out by the startup, its database can carry out 3.6 times more operations per second than the popular Couchbase platform in some cases. Aerospike is also promising up to 15 times faster throughput than Apache Cassandra, another popular NoSQL platform.

One of the contributors to the speed of Aerospike’s database is its so-called hybrid memory architecture. 

Aerospike enables companies to create an index, a kind of data shortcut that makes it possible to retrieve information from a database more quickly than would otherwise be possible. This index is kept in RAM rather than on storage drives as is the usual practice. RAM is significantly faster than storage drives, which means that applications can more quickly retrieve information from Aerospike’s database. 

The managed version of the database that Aerospike is now bringing to Google Cloud offers a number of additional features. It removes the need for customers to manage the infrastructure on which their deployments run and includes an automated backup tool. Aerospike helps customers of the managed version optimize their database deployments’ hardware usage to reduce costs.

Aerospike today also announced improved compatibility with OpenShift, Red Hat’s distribution of Kubernetes. OpenShift has been certified for use with Aerospike Kubernetes Operator 2.0, a piece of software that makes it easier to run the startup’s NoSQL database on Kubernetes. The update should make it easier for joint Aerospike and Red Hat customers to combine the companies’ respective products.

“With our certification of OpenShift and Aerospike Cloud Managed Services on Google Cloud Platform, customers can easily manage data across multicloud deployments in their operations where previously they were hindered by regulations, cost control and talent availability that stalled innovation,” stated Aerospike Chief Executive Officer Subbu Iyer.

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