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Where To Get Licenses In Rune Factory 5

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If you want to hone a particular skill, such as Cooking or Smithing, you will need a license. This guide on Where To Get Licenses In Rune Factory 5 will tell you where you can buy licenses as during the earlier stages of the game, you’re hit with so many tutorials and keywords, it’s easy to forget some of the more unique elements of the game.

Licenses are important Directives that open up additional crafting options. Each license typically gives access to a new crafting table or recipes, greatly expanding the items you’re able to craft throughout the game. As such, it’s important to understand and explore the License feature as early as possible.

Where To Get Licenses In Rune Factory 5

Before you’re able to get licenses you first need to progress through the tutorial parts of the main story. This only takes an hour or so. Once you’ve completed the first festival, you’re able to do a lot more exploring and open more options. Once you have progressed far enough into the game, you want to visit the Rigbarth Outpost (SEED) in town.

Once inside speak with Eliza, the strange talking cardboard box, and select the “Directives” option. The first two options available at the Forging License and the Crafting License. The Forging License allows you to use a Forge to smith items, and the Crafting License lets you use a crafting table.

Each cost 200 Seed Points, so simply select the License you want to unlock and that’s how to unlock licenses.

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