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Rune Factory 5 Forging License Answers Guide

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Getting a Forging License allows you to buy a Forge and make blacksmith items. This guide on Rune Factory 5 Forging License Answers Guide lists all of the questions in the first Forging License Test and provides the correct answer so you can ace the exam and move on to the next one.

Licenses are an important part of Rune Factory 5. They allow you to purchase additional crafting stations that open up additional crafting options. They are integral to the games progression system, so it’s a good idea to take License tests as soon as they become available and then purchase the appropriate crafting station to begin exploring new crafting options.

Rune Factory 5 Forging License Answers Guide

Some of the Licenses in Rune Factory 5 have different tiers, allowing you to unlock even more crafting options as the game progresses. This Rune Factory 5 Forging License Answers Guide is for the very first tier of the Forging License, the beginner tier. You’re given three questions and each question has three possible answers. They are pretty straight forward but if you’re unsure, you can check out all three of the questions below. The answer listed is the one you want to choose if you want the correct answer.

Question One: What do you need for Smithing
Answer: Materials and RP.

Question Two: Where can you forge items?
Answer: At a forge

Question Three: When you have a recipe for a weapon you already own
Answer: You need less RP to make it

Simply follow the questions are answers outlined above and you will pass the Forging License test.

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