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Rune Factory 5 Crafting License Exam Answers Guide

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If you want to buy a Crafting Table, you need to pass the Crafting License Exam. This Rune Factory 5 Crafting License Exam Answers Guide provides you with a list of all the questions asked during the Crafting License Exam and the correct answers you need to choose to complete the exam and earn your license.

Crafting License Exams in Rune Factory 5 all follow the same design. You are given three different questions and each question has three different answers. The vast majority of these are pretty idiot-proof. You’re given two comical answers and a clearly obvious correct answer. However, most of the time the game throws in a single question that is a bit more difficult, depending on how much you’ve explored and how good you are at remembering certain NPC’s and services.

Rune Factory 5 Crafting License Answers Guide

Whether you’re struggling on the easy questions or the hard one, no worries, we’ve got it covered. Below is each of the three questions you can be asked during the Crafting License Exam as well as the correct answer you need to choose for each one.

Question One: To get your own crafting table
Answer: Buy one from Studio Palmo

Question Two: When you use materials to upgrade armor
Answer: The materials give it additional effects

Question Three: If you want crafting bread
Answer: Buy it from Randolph

Once you’ve answered all three of the questions correctly, you can now purchase a Crafting Table from Studio Palmo. Simply head to Studio Palmo and buy the crafting table, then have it delivered to your house or carry it there yourself.

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